Software Development

Off-the-shelf software packages may not always provide the functionality your business needs. ACE-E contracts with programmers who can design custom software solutions to match your business requirements. Custom means you don't need to change your business practices to fit the software, we make software do what you need.

Examples of Software Development Projects

Job management software

This software program was designed for the construction industry. It enables employees to create estimates and material takeoffs, receive electronic price updates from vendors, manage jobs, create invoices, and conduct detailed cost analyses. The software is also designed to connect directly with QuickBooks accounting to transfer customer, invoicing, labor and material information, so that no data is required to be entered twice.

Estimating software

This software program was also designed for the construction industry. It integrates with QuickBooks accounting to allow detailed construction quotes to be created and then imported into QuickBooks.

Electronic receipt of bills

This software program was created to automate the process of receiving bills from a vendor. The electronic transfer of detailed billing information from vendor to customer saves the customer time by eliminating the need to re-enter data when bills are received.

Custom document preparation

Far beyond a mail merge, this software program creates complex custom documents in seconds. Currently the program is used to create complex leases for a property management company.

Airline operations management and maintenance

This software program is used to manage the operational and maintenance aspects of a small airline. As with many industries, compliance with governmental regulations can be complex. This software helps to ensure that required maintenance inspections are performed, required records are kept, flight crew duty and flight time limits are not exceeded, and employees have met training requirements. In addition to managing the regulatory aspects of airline operations, this software is also used to bid flights, keep track of current flights, and create invoicing upon the completion of flights.