Structure Wiring

Today's technology requires proper wiring to work correctly. Even "wireless" technology involves a lot of wires behind the scenes. ACE-E installs wiring for a range of communications technologies, such as data, phone, video, audio, radio frequency, and security systems. We can install wiring both indoors and out, in commercial or residential properties, for small single buildings as well as large, multi-building campuses.

Do you have problems with your current wiring infrastructure such as noisy phone lines, or computers that should connect but don't? ACE-E would be happy to provide an on-site assessment of your current configuration. We can ensure that all of your structure and campus wiring meets data and telecommunication standards.

Are you getting ready to expand or remodel your building? ACE Enterprises can suggest the pre-wiring to install now that will help meet your future technology needs. Pre-wiring today's construction project can minimize the cost of tomorrow's technology upgrade.